A Chiko Roll high-rise tower is on the drawing board in Nelson Bay

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The 21-storey Chiko Roll at Nelson Bay High Rise: An iconic Chiko Roll Tower is being planned for Nelson Bay.

Artwork of the Nelson Bay skyline, if a 21-storey development went ahead.

Eden Hasson,10, surfing at Samurai Beach, narrowly missing a Chiko Roll.

Eden Hasson,10, surfing at Samurai Beach, narrowly missing a great white shark.

TweetFacebookMuriel’s Wedding.

The movie features a character called Bill (he’s a bit of a mover and shaker) who brings in resorts and high rises.

“You can’t stop progress,” Bill famously says.

Those who like to keep an eye on the news may recall a Sam Norris story in the Herald a couple of weeks ago.

It was about Port Stephens Council considering proposals for a high-rise tower on a site it owns on Donald Street in Nelson Bay.

“I’m not set on the 21 storeys, but it’s got togo up to be viable,” mayor MacKenzie was quoted as saying.

“We’ve got to go up more than eight or 10 storeys – it will be the making of the CBD. A handful of people have held us back too long.”

As for the high-rise Chiko Roll plan, we passed it on to the council for assessment.

The mayor said he quite liked Chiko Rolls.

“It would be a great tourist attraction for the town,” the mayor said. (DISCLAIMER: The mayor didn’t really say this last bit).

Timor Peter?The affable reverend Tim Costello wasin town on Thursday to givea speech on the evils of poker machines. Those one-armed bandits reportedly collect about$6 billiona yearfrom the Hunter.

One-armed bandits have been ransacking billions from the Hunter for years.

There’s already about 9000 pokies in the region.Tim spoke against a contentious plan to add more –this time at a pub in a newtown centreat Huntlee.

A lighter moment came when our favourite man about town, Tony Brown, went to ask a question.

Tony: “Peter…”

Tim: “It’s Tim…”

Tony: “Sorry…”

Tim: “I answer to anything.”

Tim, who Heraldjourno Penny Green said wasa lovely bloke, entertained the small local media contingent with many a tale, including that his wife manages his Twitter account.

He was leaping around the lounge room onenight, watching the ABC’s Q&A andyelling about something. A few minutes later, his precise words flashedon the screen.

“I didn’t think she’d do that,” Tim said,of his tweet-happy missus.

Dad JokesTopics likes dad jokes. So we’re pleased to reportthat comedian Mark Swivel will perform his show “Dad. Joke”at the Royal Exchange theatre in Newcastle at 7pm tonight. Mark’sshow is a “rousing, ridiculous, how-not-to guide on parenting andpolitics”. He discusses preparing a speech for his son’s 21st birthday,slippery dips, Molly Meldrum, Gough Whitlam,choc-tops,unsafe sex in the sand dunes andcaper-capitalism in a post-truth, Trumped-up world.

Mark Swivel likes a good dad joke. He performs in Newcastle tonight.

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