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POSITIVE: The changes will give greater choice, control and flexibility in the way people receive home care services, and how those services are delivered.
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As of February 27, elderly residents in Newcastle and the Hunter will have significantly more choice about the care they receive at home and who delivers it through changes to government-subsidised home-care packages.

FLEXIBLE: From February 27, 2017, if you have a home care package, it will be easier to change providers if you are looking for a better fit.

Rather than allocating funding to registered home-care providers, home-care packages offering services to keep older people living independently in their own home (such as personal care, domestic assistance and social support) will be assigned directly to individuals who can then choose the provider they feel best meets their needs.

Allocating funding directly to an individual means they are now free to “shop around”to determine who they would like to deliver their services, not simply a provider who has a package available.

MOBILE: If you choose to change service providers, your home-care package funding will move to your new service provider.

It also frees consumers who are not happy with their current provider to be able to change providers easily.

This is good news for the 3500 residents aged 65 years and over across Newcastle and the Hunter who already receive services under a home-care package, and the growing number of residents who may be eligible in the future.

Leading local home-care provider, Sue Mann Nursing &Community Care managing director Andrew Mann says the changes are a great outcome for older people of Newcastle and the Hunter.

“Independence, choice and control are all very important for people as they age and working through the options for care is a big decision,” Mr Mann said. “Providing consumers and their families with choice means they are in control of choosing the provider that delivers services in their home.”

Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care have developed some “Top Tips” to help select the right home care provider:

Do your research: Check they are a registered provider, look at their websites, clients testimonials, talk with people you know who may use their service and determine a short-list.

Have a conversation: Call the provider and ask them some questions about their company (how long have they been established, experience of staff, quality of care) together with how they run their packages (eg. fee structure, service options) Meet with them – organise for the provider to come to visit so you can get a sense of how you feel with them in your home. Meeting a provider will also give you a sense of their professionalism.

Compare providers: Look at several different providers so you can make an informed choice about the type of provider you are looking for and who might be the best fit for you.

If you’re considering home care or would like more information about home-care packages, contact myagedcare, either via the website at www.myagedcare苏州夜总会招聘.au or call 1800 200 422.

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